Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored on two physically seperated state-of-the-art data centers in Germany.

Do I need to fill in all fields?

No. Basically, there are three mandatory fields (first name, last name and email address). All other fields can be filled out on a completely voluntary basis. In principle, however, it is recommended to fill out your self-disclosure as completely as possible so that the provider/owner has received all requiered data. Thereby you maximize your chances of success.

How does the integrity bar work?

In principle, individual fields are added with weights, which should reflect the completeness of the information you provide. For example, some fields are more important than others and you have at all times an approximate idea of how meaningful your document to the recipient is.

Can I use this self-disclosure for all owners, providers and agents?

Yes. We were asked by a variety of owners, administration companies and agents to create a format that covers all requiered information, posing in a pleasantly readable, clear and comparable format.

Will my entered data completely be removed from your database with a deletion of my account?

Yes. Once you have cleared you data, they will be removed. If you want to sign up again afterwards, your data has to be entered completely new by yourself.

Will my data be given to third parties?

No. Your data can only be seen by you. We want to emphasize that your data will not be passed on to any third parties.

How does the shipment of my self-disclosure via email works?

Generally, you cannot send your self-disclosure in one email. You send two emails to the recipient.

  1. First Email: In this email the recipient wil receive a notification that you have shared your self-disclosure. A corresponding download link will also be provided for the receiver. Downloading of your self-disclosure via this link is only possible by entering a password, which you have created yourself in the process of shipping. This password will be send to the recipient in a separate email.
  2. Second Email: In this email, the recipient receives the said password, with which he can download your self-disclosure, with the previous obtained download link. The download link is always valid for only 72 hours. After this time, the self-disclosure must be sent again.

Can I deactivate the access of an already sent PDF via email?

No. Once you have sent your self-disclosure via email, you can no longer disable access. You have to contact the recipient separately and request for deletion/destruction of your personal data.

Can I edit my self-disclosure after the shipping as well?

Yes. You may update your information any time. The corresponding state of your information content is marked at various points by the time and date. To protect your data in the best possible way, no direct connection can be made to sent data. Any changes on existing self-disclosures need to be saved actively by you and send again.

How do I open the PDF file?

To view the self-disclosure as a PDF format, you need a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here. Modern browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox bring a compatible PDF reader.

Can I decide myself what data is displayed in the expensed PDF?

Generally, only the data you have entered yourself will be displayed in the PDF. That way, you can decide at anytime what content should be communicated to the appropriate recipient.

How can I contact My Real ID?

You have two possibilities to contact us:

  1. Anonymously through the feedback function below.
  2. Through the contact page by naming your email address
  3. By phone +49-89-21545700, monday to friday between 9 am and 5 pm.
Please note that we are not the owners of the real estate objects and therefore cannot answer any questions regarding specific objects!

Arise in any manner costs for me?

No. My Real ID is totally free for tenants. You have the possibility to verifiy your self-disclosure with an identity and solvency seal by My Real ID or rather a third party. These verifications are optional and will be charged by a small amount.

What requirements do I have to fullfill so that I can register on My Real ID?

Basically you only have to reach your 18th birthday. Your residency does not have to be in Germany.

How do I get invited to an appointment round and how much does this function costs?

The provider manages the appointment coordination which is for free for all participants. The provider creates an appointment round with different appointment slots and sends those to selected tenants. The tenant receives an e-mail to state his availabilities. Afterwards the provider can let the system calcutlate the optimal appointment distribution. Following the provider can send the mandatory acceptance or rejection of appointments to the tenants.

How can I cancel an appointment?

To cancel a viewing appointment, please click on the corresponding button in the e-mail you received as the confirmation of the appointment. The landlord will be informed immediately about your cancellation.

What is the search advert and how does it work?

The search advert is an additonal opportunity to find the desired object if there is no proper object in the active search to find. To publish an advert, the tenant filles out a template and states what kind of object he is looking for and activates this data as an advert. Providers on the other hand have the possibility to filter for suitable adverts on the basis of the object data. In case of an accordance, the provider can point out his object to the tenant or can ask for clearance of the "My Real ID" self-disclosure.

Do I have to consider anything by searching an object?

The search for objects on "My Real ID" works analogue to the search on any other real estate platform. You, as the tenant, enter the basis data to your desired object. You can specify your search in the following steps. You don't have to be logged in for the active search but you have to be registered and logged in to apply for an object. Furthermore, you need a filled-out self-disclosure for the application.

How is the identity and solvency verification to understand?

You can verify your personal data with “WebID solutions”. In order for that to happen you have to ensure that your given data in the self-disclosure is identical to the data on your ID-card. For the process you will only need a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and a microphone, as well as your ID-card. After successfully ending your call, you will receive your verification in the form of a seal which will be displayed in the self-disclosure. You can find a detailed instruction to the process on our website.

The solvency seal which you can receive through the service from “My Real ID” for your self-disclosure refers to your current Schufa-solvency. This service includes:

  • The examination of your Schufa-disclosure
  • Adding your Schufa-Score, your Schufa-disclosure as well as the "My Real ID"-solvency seal to your self-disclosure
  • The confirmation that the credibility-badge is valid for 5 months
To get your Schufa-disclosure verified by “My Real ID” you need a new Schufa-disclosure (not older than 4 weeks) which you have to send us with a appropriate declaration of consent from “My Real ID”, which you will receive in the process.

What is the Moneyfix deposit?

The Moneyfix deposit is a deposit guarantee for private housing in Germany. Therefore, it is an alternative to classic deposit payment methods such as paying with savings or a cash deposit. Using the Moneyfix deposit you will be solvent and the provider is secured just like after receiving a cash deposit. The Allianz insurance will be the guarantor for your deposit. Here you will find more information about the Moneyfix deposit.

What is the difference between a full and a partial self-disclosure?

You have the possibility of releasing your full self-disclosure to the provider of the object. That means that the provider will have full access to all information included in your self-disclosure. Additionally, he will be able to download your self-disclosure as a pdf file and save it. In comparison, the data in the partial self-disclosure is limited to a small amount of information. In this case your income will be displayed in ranges depending on the amount of rent (1/4 of the monthly cold rent) with a minimum of 500€. Please note that the provider might ask you to add more information to your self-disclosure or release the full self-disclosure later in the process.

Which formats (documents, pictures, etc.) can be uploaded in the self-disclosure?

Please remember the following specifications when uploading a file or document to your self-disclosure:

  • Max. file size: 10 MB
  • Supported formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf
  • Min. picture size 279x276 pixels
  • Optimal picture size: 4:3 - 1200x900 pixels, resp.

How can I deactivate/delete my My Real ID account?

In the settings of your My Real ID account you have the possibility to deactivate your account (if you need it again at a later date) as well as to delete it. Both options can be found in the lower right corner of the settings. You will no longer receive any notifications.

My question was not answered yet?

If we have not answered your question in this list, please send us an email to "support@myrealid.com".


For your better understanding of our platform we have created a document with explanations of the most important functions.You can download the document for free.

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